ATV/Quad Rider skills safety Course

ATV/Quad Rider skills safety Course provides hands-on training that includes:

  • Pre-ride inspection,
  • Vehicle checks,
  • Specialist vehicle controls,
  • Rider control of vehicle,
  • Various different manufacturer transmissions, differentials etc,
  • Riding over various aggregate and soil types including 5 aggregate and soil types, accents and descents.
  • Protective gear,
  • Local laws, finding places to ride,
  • Personal safety,
  • Occupational riding,
  • Environmental issues & concerns.

Students receive the ATV certificate of competence issued by Safeway Health & Safety.

We have  carried out training for the European ATV Safety Institute in North of Ireland and here in Southern Ireland with Coilte and such government agencies that require this type of training.

Number of participants: 8

Participants should have their own vehicles and protective gear Including Boots and Helmets. Also rain gear if necessary.