Primary Course In Food Safety

Session 1

Introduction to Food Safety

  • Define the terms food safety and food poisoning.
  • Know what bacteria need in order to grow.
  • Know how to stop the growth of bacteria.
  • Know what is meant by food safety management systems.

Session 2

Food Contamination

  • Identify sources of bacteria and how they are introduced into the food chain.
  • Differentiate between low risk and high risk foods.
  • Explain the term cross contamination and state how it can occur.
  • Name the common food poisoning bacteria.

Session 3

Food Delivery & Storage

  • Identify the correct procedures to ensure food safety during storage.
  • Identify the correct procedures in checking and receiving food deliveries.
  • Name the various food areas and potential hazards and controls associated with each food area.
  • State the importance of supplier control, delivery & storage.

Session 4

Food Preparation, Cooking and Service

  • Defrost frozen food properly and safely.
  • Prevent contamination of food during preparation, cooking and service.
  • Cool and reheat food safely.
  • Freeze foods safely.

Session 5

Personal Hygiene

  • Identify the importance of personal hygiene in the workplace.
  • Recognise good hygiene practices.
  • Explain how poor personal hygiene practices can cause contamination of food.
  • State the legal obligation in relation to personal health and hygiene.

Session 6

Layout and Design of a Food Premises & Pest Control Procedures

  • Identify the requirements relating to the design and layout of a food premises.
  • Identify the role of the H.S.E. in monitoring food premises.
  • Identify the importance of pest control in a food premises, listing the main types of food pests and recognise the signs of an infestation.
  • Identify preventative and control measures for food pests.

Session 7


• Explain the importance of cleaning.
• Identify cleaning chemicals and their uses.
• Explain cleaning methods.
• Identify the requirements regarding the structure and content of a cleaning programme.

Session 8

An Introduction to Food Safety Management System HACCP

  • Give reasons why Food Safety Management Systems are important in a Food Business.

Duration: 3 Days