Gantry Crane Training

Gantry cranes are very common in factories; A gantry crane is a type of overhead crane. With a gantry crane, the supports holding the crane up are fixed in location. They cannot move, and therefore the crane cannot move. For this reason, everything that the crane is going to lift must be brought to the crane. The supports form a large rectangular frame upon which the crane can move forward and back, and left and right. Anything that can be reached by the gantry crane is referred to as being in its operating area.

Course Content

  • Current Legislation (Inc LOLER 98)
  • Pre Use Checks & Maintenance
  • Safe Operations of Gantry Cranes
  • Introduction to Work Equipment
  • Basic Slinging & Signals
  • Raising, Transporting & landing a Load
  • Lifting Plans
  • Theoretical Assessment
  • Practical Training & Assessment

Course Objectives

  • Identify the basic construction and components, and the purpose and use of all its controls and gauges.
  • Identify and comply with manufacturers instructions in accordance with the operator’s handbook,   other information sources, and applicable legislation.
  • Explain all relevant documentation
  • Carry out all pre-use and running checks.
  • Travel the crane through restricted access with and without a load.
  • Identify and explain relevant information relating to lifting accessories and match to certification.
  • Ensure that the area of operation is suitable for lifting activities.
  • Select appropriate lifting accessories for different types of loads.
  • Sling various loads including balanced, unbalanced and loose.
  • Guide various loads and place accurately.
  • Carry out lifts according to given instructions & use different forms of communication.
  • Keep within safe working parameters.
  • Recognise different types of lifting accessories and their applications & return lifting accessories to storage

Duration of Course

Training is for groups of up to 6 people per course.

Novice operators require a 2 day course or experienced refresher operators: 1 day training session.