Forklift Assessment

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for all operators of forklift trucks. Under legislation, all operators of forklift trucks must be trained and certified.                                       

Course Aim

To provide attendees with the skills to drive a forklift safely

Course objectives

  • To improve the forklift operating skill of attendees,
  • To ensure that attendees know how to operate a forklift safely
  • To ensure compliance with legal requirements for forklift driving

Course Content

  • Risks associated with forklift operations, the causes of forklift accidents and the reasons for operator training.
  • Legislation
  • The mechanics of a forklift
  • Handling forklift attachments
  • Forklift instruments and controls
  • Forklift safety devices
  • Forklift load capacity
  • Forklift safe operations
  • Forklift parking
  • Forklift emergency procedures
  • Inspection of a forklift

Method  Of Training

The course involves a mixture of classroom theory, practical demonstration and participant practice. Participants are tested at the end of the course. There is a written test paper, and all answers will be covered during the course.

Duration: 1 Day (beginners)

Participation: Maximum of 4

Duration:  3/4 day (Refreshers)

Participation: Max 4 Participants.