Basic Chainsaw Techniques

Participants & Pre-Requsites

  1.  Should be physically fit & agile with no history of epilepsy, etc.
  2. Should be age 16yrs or over
  3. Participants should have own PPE
  4. NPTC Assessment Schedule Criteria will be supplied. (2 passport pictures PPS Number)

Course Objectives

Participants state the safety requirements and regulations in relation to tree felling operations(conifers and Or broadleaved trees)
Participants prepare for use, inspect and maintain top or rear handled chainsaws in workshop and field conditions. Includes starting Procedures and pre-work check
Participants state the importance and functions of a fully trained and competent chainsaw operator.
Participants recognise and use approved techniques for safe and efficient cross-cutting operations
Participants undertake and demonstrate a knowledge of risk assessment methodology.

Duration & Award

  • Course duration is 2 days.
  • Upon successful completion candidates will be assessed for NPTC competence units CS30