HIAB Training

To legally use a lorry mounted crane (including brick cranes, grabs, lifting cranes, etc.) you will need a HIAB qualification.

You can usually get these from HGV Driving Instructors or HGV Driving Schools as top-up courses once you have passed your HGV test.

Contents of Course

  • Choice and selection of loaders
  • Critique and certification
  • Health and Safety
  • Operating procedures and precautions
  • Positioning of loaders
  • Slinging and Handling
  • Practical Skills Test

Getting a HIAB qualification increases your employability as it allows you to apply to jobs which require a HIAB licence. Whilst some employers state that a HIAB qualification is not essential, if you have one, to them they don't have to spend as much training you. This makes you a more attractive proposition to them.

The Course Objectives

Gives the participant a good working knowledge of the Highway Code, Road Signage, the Official Theory Test for drivers of Large Vehicles and Hazard Perception.

Course Duration 1 day.